50 Gorgeous Feathered Hairstyles for Women RIGHT NOW (after 2023)

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Women are usually confused with layer and feather cut or what’s the connection of both in this haircut. The feathered hairstyles are layered haircuts with feathery ends or throughout the layers.

Feather cut is the hairstyle of the 70s and early 80s designed for straight hair. It is best for thin hair as feather ends in the hair make it voluminous. However, women with thick hair also appreciate it as they think feather cuts make their hair look healthier.

Jenifer Lopez, Lily James, Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, and Julia Roberts are some big names to rock feather hair at the biggest appearances.

Therefore, we, the Hairstyle Secrets, have gathered 50 gorgeous feathered hair for women right now. These are for women with short or long, thick or thin hair. So, let’s get started.

1. Feathered Ash Blonde Hairstyle

Feathered ash blonde hair with smudge roots and light gray ends makes this style flattering. The curtain bangs and rolled ends below it add glam to the appearance.

2. Dark Brown Feathered Bangs Hairstyle

Fuller, feathered dark brown bangs covering the whole and corners out like curtain bangs give a street-style fashion vibe. Soft hair makes it high fashion with casual dressing.

3. Blonde Balayage Feathered Haircut for Thin Hair

The blonde balayage hair trend is never going to end. The stick-out ends of curtain bangs will look classic with blonde balayage. It works well for thin hair too.

4. Airy Feathered Hairstyle with Light Blonde

If you are a fan of truly classic feather cuts and do not like pointy hair ends, then pick this style. The long side-swept style with soft curls in hair makes this style the best choice for formal events.

5. Feathered Hairstyles with Layers for Medium Hair

If you love wolf cut, you must be crazy over the ends of this feathered medium length hairstyle; it has the same vibe. The fluffy hair with soft flicked ends looks vintage.

6. Medium Haircut with Flowy Feather Layers

Most ladies don’t like strong upward, and sticked-out hair ends in feather hairstyles. However, the lightly curled ends will add softness to your personality.

7. Elegant Feathered Hairstyle for Long Hair

Straight hair and feather cut? It does not suit me. If you also think that way, see this hairstyle for long hair. Curtain bangs with a side-swept style, dark base color, and lighter ends with no flick are the best way to rock this style.

8. Shaggy Feathered Hairstyle for Thin Hair

The shaggy feather-cut style is for you if you love casual and visually effortless hairstyles and have thin hair. The platinum blonde hair with brown color at the very ends compliments women of any age. This short shag haircut is perfect for any age.

9. Black Hair with Feathered Bangs

If a lady has a diamond face shape, this feather hairstyle covering the top and sides of her head will suit them.

10. Feathered Hair with Brown Highlights

This oh super gorgeous feather hairstyle is considered pleasing to everyone, even on super sleek hair. However, it is best suited for an oval face shape.

11. Medium-Length Feathered Layered Hair

Medium-length hair with short feather hair that has soft ends looks gorgeous. The black base color with blond ends looks creates a beautiful contrast.

12. Feather Cut for Long Hair in Ash Blonde

Ash-blonde hair suits all skin tones. The hair is styled in a middle-parted way with curtain bangs that end is flicked outward while the rest of the hair corner styled inward gives an ultimate beauty vibe.

13. Feathered Hair with Light Brown Color

Glowing hair is always eye-catching. The secret is picking hair color wisely, not just the hair products. For example, keep the base color dark brown and gradually make hair ends light brown.

14. Feathered Mullet with Natural Hair Color

Mullet hair is already chic and trendy. And when back hair is kept extra long and combined with a feather cut, there is nothing like more high fashion than it.

15. Bob Haircut Feathered Hairstyle for Short Hair

A feather cut is not just flattering for long hair but complements short hair like a bob cut. The classic golden bob with brown base color and feather effect at hair ends is a great combination of classic and glam.

16. Silk Press Feathered Hair

Afro-girls can also rock feather hair. Just have a feather cut, silk press the hair, and softly curl the feather hair ends. Again, Brown and orange color will suit your skin tone the most.

17. Shaggy Chic Feathered Haircut for Medium-Length Hair

A shaggy feather haircut with short curtain bangs is best for women with heart-shaped faces. Jet black hair with brown hints makes this hairstyle exciting.

18. Medium Hair Feathered Cut with Side Bangs

Straight ends with thick feather hair cut on top are the best combination of casual and classic. However, the dark base color showing through the blonde hair will not keep it from remaining boring.

19. Heavily Feathered Hairstyle with Bangs 

A heavy feather cut straight, long and thick looks so glamorous. The air bangs will balance the thick hair look.

20. 1970’s Feathered Hairstyle with Highlights

Dimensional highlights were never more famous than in the 1970s, and the brown and almond blonde highlight is a great contrast to stand out from the crowd.

21. Medium Length Feathered Hair with Blonde

Heavily feathered hair, making almost half of a hair length feather that is flicked out and hair has a soft blowout look, is a fabulous hairstyle for any event.

22. Feathered Hair with Long Flowing Layers

Long hair with softly curled feather ends prevents a flicked-out look and turns feather hair into a classical one.

23. Feathered Ends Hair with Highlights

The blonde almond highlights on the brown base color are gorgeous, with some inward and some flicked hair that looks chic. The gloss in hair makes everyone its fan.

24. 1980s Feathered Hairstyles with Side Fringe

Step cutting with a feathering touch makes the side-swept fringe more noticeable and classic.

25. Healthy Hair with a Straight Feathered Cut

Healthy short hair with subtle feather cuts is gorgeous for all ages of women. Long curtain bangs reaching the chin frame the face beautifully.

26. Choppy Feathered Layers Haircut with Bangs

Usually, a feather cut is styled outward, but if someone’s face shape or round styling, the feathered hairstyles inward makes their face shape more versatile, like an oval.

27. Blunt Feathered Bob with Grey Hair

Feather cut is so pretty when its feathers are symmetrical. Giving this hairstyle a fuller volume makes it perfect for an oblong face shape.

28. Textured Feathered Cut with Brown Haircolor

Textured feather cut starting from the nape of the neck on mid-length, or long hair looks elegant and highly classic—Peanut brown hair color suits medium white skin tone.

29. Long Bob Feathered Cut with Bangs

The long bob haircut with full bangs on straight white hair with only a feather cut at the ends looks classic and subtle.

30. Feathered Cut with Copper Haircolor

Feather cut with copper red hair color from mid-length hair makes a woman look sassy and chic. It is suitable for all other outdoor life other than formal places.

31. Feathered Hair with Extra Texture

Dark brown and peanut brown hair with layer cut having a touch of feather cut at the ends looks elegant. The air bangs make it suitable for almost all face shapes.

32. Long Layers with Dark Brown Haircolor

Middle parted feather layer hair giving a curtain bangs effect looks elegant. After that, the feather effect at the hair end makes it perfect for those who do not like extremely feathered hair. Check out more long layered haircuts for more reference.

33. Feathered Short Bob with Partial Highlights

Grayish brown highlights on platinum blonde hair with chunky feather hair look chic. The symmetrically styled bob-cut ends make it look high fashion.

34. Bob Feathered Hairstyles with Light Blonde

A short curly bob with a voluminous top makes a graceful high cranial top hairstyle and gives a classic vintage vibe. However, the feathered cut in it makes it look modern.

35. Feathery Hair with Dark Blonde

The brown ombre hair that turns golden blonde towards the ends looks voguish. The curtain bangs reaching the cheekbone look best on small face shapes like a diamond or hearts.

36. Silver Highlights

The silver short feather cut with brown highlights is perfect for older women. In addition, the flicked-out hair edges make facial features more active.

37. Light Blonde with Feathered Bangs Hairstyles

This feather looks deep and interesting with smudge roots and a dark base color. After flicking out hair curtain bangs, flip the hair to get a gorgeous look.

38. Stacked Bob with Feathers Hair

feathered hairstyles in a pattern, like layers stacked on each other, look classical for formal events.

39. Vintage Vibes with Bangs

Below hair is styled to be shown outward and flicked is an ultimate vintage look when combined with bangs. This may perhaps be a great reference for a wedding hairstyle for long hair.

40. Feathered Bob with Blonde Hair Color

The color transitions from dark to light blonde, and then the peanut brown ends look gorgeous on women of every age.

41. Razor Cut with Soft and Feathery Hair

Various women think that razor-cut is one of the effective ways to get a feather cut. It keeps the feather cut soft and natural.

42. Feathered Haircut for Long Hair

If a woman has long and thick hair, we recommend them have a feather cut. It stands out more gorgeous than short hair.

43. Fresh Hairstyle with Copper Color

Feather cuts started from eye-length hair and on the rest of the hair make women of any age endure dark auburn hair.

44. Shag with Blonde Refresh

Pure white blonde hair without any other tint or hint looks tidy with feathered hairstyles, making it suitable for big-scale birthday parties.

45. Layered Hairstyle in Peachy Pink

Medium-length hair with long curtain bangs looks extra refreshing with peachy hair color. Peach hair color flatters all skin tones, but increasing or decreasing it to suit better is better. A long layered hairstyle with bangs that will look great on you.

46. Fringe Bangs

Brown hair with white blonde step-layer feather cutting looks amazing in the middle part style. This is the “all eyes on me” style for any occasion.

47. Wavy Long Hairstyle

Long wavy hair with partial highlights of black color on almond brown hair looks great. Feather-cut on the hair ends only makes you effortlessly gorgeous.

48. Short Hairstyle for Flip Hair

The flip hair trend was the hottest a few weeks back on TikTok. Just style the feather hair, flip your head over, move it up and down vigorously, go back to normal position, and use your hand to settle the hair.

49. Long and Natural Hair

Fully straight middle-parted hair with feather cut at the hair ends and styled with a bevel looks stunning.

50. Highlighted Bob

Brown hair with a peanut blonde bob cut is attention-grabbing. The fine feather hair all over the bob is elegant.


You must have picked your favorite feather hair for women right now. It gives anyone an instantly younger, youthful look because of the bounce and volume that feather cut gives hair an instant gorgeous look. But to maintain it, you must apply moisturizing products like a serum to tame frizz and keep the feather ends well-defined.

It might seem like feather cutting is high maintenance. But if you let your hair grow without getting a feather cut, it won’t mess up your hair’s look or appearance. But keep your lifestyle in mind and daily activities to alter the color and feather cut intensity to have an effortlessly gorgeous look every day.