100+ Easy Hairstyles For Short Hair

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Get ready to discover these easy hairstyles for short hair that will make you want to cut your long locks ASAP! This collection of buzz cuts, colorful pixie haircuts and other short haircuts for women are all here to be reviewed!

I. Easy Hairstyles for Bob Hair

1. Pastel Pink Bob Hairstyle with Straight Bangs

With ultra-thin side wings and straight-cut bangs, this pastel pink bob haircut will frame your face perfectly and make you look radiant and joyful either you straighten it or not!

2. Straight Brown Classic Bob with Bangs

This straight cut classic bob with shiny brown strands and ultra short bangs create a perfect visual effect with the natural makeup and pink eyeshadow.

3. Short Straight Bob with Headband Hairstyle

If you are looking for an easy hairstyle you can consider this flawless short straight bob haircut. To recreate this look you will need a heat protection and a flat iron with a headband in a contrasting color that you can use to fixate on the top.

4. Ultra-short Bob With Blonde Highlights

A messy, ultra-short bob that reaches the ear lobes will instantly boost your hair’s volume while the beautiful play of dark roots and thin highlights will instantly brighten your face!

5. Mini Bob Hairstyle with Faded Nape

This ultra-short bob hairstyle with pointy sideburns and faded nape bring all the weight on top of the crown and is finished with a curved fringe that frames the face in a perfect oval shape that makes this haircut one amazing example of easy hairstyles for short hair!

6. Strawberry Blonde Bob Hairstyle

With perfectly straightened blonde strands and a subtle hint of strawberry pink, this bob cut makes for a great choice of easy hairstyles for short hair!

7. Short Bob with Purple And Pink Highlights

This ultra-short bob that reaches the ear lobes and continues with a thick short heavy fringe is easy to style after achieving this amazing blend of light violet, purple and pink highlights that make a unique combination.

8. Mini Bob with Asymmetric Bangs Hairstyle

A futuristic design is one of the trendiest easy hairstyles for short hair that you can go for! Ask for an asymmetric fringe with longer strands and a natural nape line.

9. Sleek Dark Brown Bob Cut Short Hairstyle

These ultra-long thinned side wings that follow the natural curves of the jaws make this short bob hairstyle an awesome sleek hairstyle for women with straight thick hair! You only need to use a hairbrush and a bit of foam to arrange the strands around the face!

10. Flapper Style Bob Hairstyle with Short Bangs

Thin, flimsy hair can benefit greatly from this ultra-short bob with rounded bangs that reach halfway the forehead while the tips are slightly curved outwards to resemble the flapper style bob of the ’20s!

11. Easy Hairstyle for Short Balayage Bob Haircut

Straightening these short colorful strands will display perfectly the cool mélange of bright blonde, dark brown highlights of this sleek asymmetric bob!

12. Asymmetric Bob With Magenta Highlights

Another splendid example of easy hairstyles for short hair is this asymmetric bob with a visibly longer part and subtle magenta hues that sweeten the whole look!

13. Short Messy Bob With Baby Bangs Easy Hairstyles For Short Hair

Bluntly chopped strands that falls messily from the crown to the sides and a slightly curvy line for the front strands will create a voluminous natural bob that you can wear any day you like!

14. Pumpkin Spice Curly Bob Hairstyle

Nothing quite like an autumn-inspired color can make for a warmer, richer bob hairstyle for short straight hair! To improve the volume you can make a couple of soft curls at the back!

15. Short Bob Hairstyle with Straight Bangs

Fine thin hair can easily be arranged to create a perfectly symmetrical bob that reaches neck level with straight bangs that brush the eyebrows bringing attention to the eyes!

16. Short Messy Blonde Bob With Dark Roots

With dark roots and bright blonde strands that make the contrast pop out, even more, this slightly wavy short bob is a very chic option for women with delicate facial features!

17. Sleek Fine Bob Hairstyle

To increase the rich texture of this sleek bob you can opt for a very fine chiseled hairstyle with a soft middle part and you use a bit of nourishing argan oil to increase the shine of the strands!

18. Easy Short Bob Hairstyle with Braided Top

When you want a quick solution on how to eliminate a bit of the top weight you can create three separate top braids that will add a playful touch to this short bob hairstyle! Smart, right?

II. Undercut Easy Hairstyles for Short Hair

19. Textured Undercut with Razor Design

A very bold and strong example of easy hairstyles for short hair is this unique combination of a textured undercut with a layered top and a cool, circular razor design with a zero fade around the nape!

20. Two-colored Undercut Hairstyle with Shaved Side

This cool combination between a zero faded side and a 3 inches soft smooth side with a couple of caramel highlights added to soften the whole ensemble makes for a very seductive look when you add golden accessories!

21. Blonde Undercut with Dark Roots Hairstyle

Bringing a feminine touch to a short, messy undercut with dark roots is easy to obtain when you combine opt for a platinum blonde dye!

22. Short Undercut with Blonde Blue Strands

This cool combo between a disjointed undercut with zero faded sides and nape and an extra-long front strand will create a unique shape for your hairstyle and you can accentuate the contour of the haircut with a blue strand!

23. Natural Colored Undercut for Brown Hairstyle

A finely chiseled hairstyle with natural blonde brown strands will help your crown gain a feathered texture that only needs a couple of brushes to look this charming!

24. Brunette Undercut with Side-swept Top

A subtle, asymmetric undercut with a straight side part that will accentuate the different levels in your crown will instantly expose your cheekbones and make your face look thinner overall!

25. Subtle Undercut with Faded Sides

This masculine hairstyle with a subtle front quiff will accentuate the delicate features and the natural curves of the neck thus making this look an ultra-sexy option for easy hairstyles for short hair!

26. Subtle Undercut with Dark and Red Highlights

This cool duo of strong shades of red and dark blue strands amplify the shine and volume of this short undercut hairstyle with faded temples!

27. Pink Pale Short Undercut Hairstyle

This super geometrical fade with textured top gains so much shine thanks to the shiny pink color applied that it will instantly illuminate your entire face!

28. Dark Green Undercut Hairstyle with Shaved Sides

Get the maximum from your short strands by creating this high, voluminous hairstyle with short sides and a dark green subtle dye to enhance the depth!

29. Salmon Pink Disjointed Undercut with Straight Bangs

The whole weight of this elegant yet futuristic hairstyle for short hair brings the bright long strands towards the forehead while the nape and the sides stay zero faded! Cool!

30. Short Two-colored Blonde Undercut With Razor Fade

With zero faded sides and a swoopy, long top that needs extra care when styling in order to obtain the curvy shape, this amazing hairstyle will create a balance between the blonde strands and dark roots!

31. Short Sidecut with Infinity Razor Design

Easy hairstyles for short hair wouldn’t have been complete without these amazing examples of razor pattern that can vary depending on which symbols you want to display! Cool!

III. Pixie Easy Hairstyles For Short Hair

32. Crimson Red Short Pixie Cut

A combination between soft feathered hair strands and an intense crimson red dye with dark roots and baby lights at the bangs will instantly give you a mysterious allure.

33. Textured Pixie Hairstyle with Straight Bangs Hairstyle

This classic Pixie haircut has a messy, chopped look thanks to the messy straight bangs and the pointy sideburns that allow your facial features to be fully admired!

34. Short Spiky Pixie Cut

This fun and quirky look is an overgrown pixie cut with long pointy sideburns that accentuate the oval face shape and super short spiky baby bangs that frame the forehead! Amazing!

35. Short Classy Pixie Hairstyle with Spiky Top

Never go wrong with a red pixie hairstyle with scissors-cut strands that follow the natural contour of your face. The short strands allow you to create a spiky top!

36. Pixie Cut with Faux Messy Bun and Headscarf

Playing with your top hair and putting it into a faux messy bun using a hair strand will emphasize the shaved side and make your face look slimmer and longer.

37. Teal Colored Short Pixie Cut Hairstyle

A soft, pale color such as this light teal shade will make your feathered Pixie cut stand out no matter how you choose to style it! Great hairstyle!

38. Short Pixie with Finger Waves for Short Copper Curly Hair

Once you applied this rich copper hair color in your short finger waves your hair will gain so much glow and texture that people won’t be able to take their eyes off of your curls! Wow!

39. Curly Pixie Hair with Front Quiff

This ultra-messy Pixie haircut needs a high resistance fixating spray that will allow the longer strands to fall around the face and create an artistic negligent look!

40. Dark Blue Pixie with Mohawk Hairstyle

Soft dark blue tips will bring a metallic shade to your cool Mohawk while the short tapered sides will maintain a sleek silhouette for your face!

41. Pink Dark Balayage For Pixie Cut

This three-colored hairstyle has a very fine layering done to the crown part so that both the pink peach colors are exposed and the dark roots as well!

42. Platinum Blonde Layered Pixie Hairstyle

Get the ultimate shiny look with a serene platinum blonde Pixie hairstyle that only needs a good blow-dry to look flawless!

43. Short Pixie Cut with Faux Fishtail Braid

One quick way to arrange the longer front strands of your pixie cut is to arrange them in a faux braid and fixate it close to the ears exposing the forehead while brushing the rest of the haircut.

44. Dark Brunette Pixie Hairstyle

Use a hair pomade to get this short trimmed pixie looking sleek and arrange the front strands all over the forehead to attract the attention towards your eyes. Perfect Bambie look!

45. Shaggy Dark Pixie Cut Hairstyle

For those with dense thick hair, opting for this shag haircut with messy crown strands will ensure a perfect framing for your face and create the impression of a slimmer jawline.

46. Short Pixie Cut with Razored Sides

The perfect rebel look can be created with this short pixie cut with side swept top strands that will give your hair a voluminous aspect that you can fixate using a high resistance hair spray!

47. Platinum Blonde Messy Short Pixie Cut

Uneven top strands mixed with a tapered nape and the shiniest, lightest shade of platinum blonde hair color will make your makeup pop out and also illuminate your entire appearance!

48. Dark Green Dutch Braid For Short Pixie Hairstyle

When you have a long enough Pixie cut you can opt for braiding the longer front strands and fixating them around the forehead to bring volume and texture to your face and keep the rest of the hair straightened!

49. Dark Red Sleek Pixie Cut with Black Highlights Hairstyle

Combining two contrasting hair colors will ensure your hairstyle that special touch that makes your style unique and the shape of this pixie will also create a “bob-like” appearance for your face! Great!

50. Short Pixie Cut with Satin Scarf Hairstyle

For a touch of color, you can buy a simple satin scarf and wrap it tightly around your head, behind the ears while tieing a simple cute ribbon to fixate it!

51. Long Pixie Cut with Feathered Layers

Soft thin hair will benefit from a longer trim cut with feathered layers that you can arrange simply brush backward and apply hair spray to fixate the look!

52. Short Pixie with Colorful Headband and Spiky Bangs

Another fun, original look for your short pixie that you can try is a headband that you can apply close to the forehead to make your hairstyle gain extra volume and a spiky styling will give you extra-inches making the face look slimmer!

53. Messy Silver Pixie Cut with Straight Bangs Hairstyle

This look is super fun and can be easily replicated at any hair salon, except for the fantastic shade of silver-blonde that needs a very skilled hair colorist to apply it!

54. Soft Auburn Pixie Cut Hairstyle

These delicious rich auburn strands are cut to perfectly frame the head and create an elegant pixie that you can style with a brush and fixating spray after washing your hair and be ready for the day!

55. Short Dark Pixie Cut with Spiky Bangs Hairstyle

Long spiky bangs that reach close to the eyebrows mixed with a shorter trimmed cut will ensure your a cute, playful look that you can arrange by simply passing your fingers through and applying hair spray!

56. Warm Balayage Hairstyle with Soft Pixie Cut

Side swept, soft feathered strands will instantly give your appearance a delicate touch and draw attention to your eyes while the rest of the hair is kept short trimmed around the ears, exposing the neck.

57. Short Pixie Hairstyle with Textured Top

Trimming the sideburns into a triangle shape and texturizing the top strands into a messy shape make this short pixie one of the easiest to wear hairstyles for any type of hair!

58. Blonde Pixie Cut with Gold Bobby Pins Hairstyle

These shiny golden strands with gold bobby pins create a perfectly smooth, neat hairstyle for those with straight hair and you can arrange it using a hairbrush and blow -dryer!

59.Red Colored Spiky Short Hairstyle

A bright shade of red will instantly draw attention to your short hairstyle that you can arrange with your fingers and a bit of hair spray to ensure a spiky texture!

60. Silver Grey Fade with Wavy Sideburns

This super short fade keeps a big of weight at the top while the sides have razor lines and wavy sideburns to make the look a bit contrasting but also more feminine!

61. Silver Grey Short Hairstyle with Shaved Side

With a natural look, you can always look fabulous especially if you pair it with a cool modern haircut such as this semi shaved hairstyle with a side-swept top that will increase the volume.

62. Silver Blonde Afro Hairstyle

With shiny delicate small coiled curls, this ultra-short Afro hairstyle looks fabulous paired with bold grey accessories!

63. Platinum Blonde Hairstyle with Side Swept Bangs

Ultra-thin subtle layers increase the perceived depth of this cold platinum blonde with ashy grey hues that make the whole look very dramatic.

64. Short Mohawk with Shaved Sides Hairstyle

With zero faded sides and 3 inches long top strands, this rebel Mohawk has a cool shiny color with subtle blue hues around the temples which make the contrast with the skin more visible.

65. Ultra-short Blonde Easy Hairstyle With Razored Sides

Cutting the top and the sides at a similar length and applying a fresh tone of blonde will increase the contrast between the natural blonde hair and brown eyebrows putting your facial features and flawless makeup in the spotlight!

66. Flow Haircut with Violet Strands Hairstyle

To add a bit of color to your short locks, you can opt for violet highlights applied on the length of the hair to create a slight contrast with the white-blonde hair. Amazing results!

67. Steel Grey Hairstyle with Dark Strands

Amazing shine and luminosity for your short Pixie cut with faded sides and nape can be achieved with this metallic shade of steel grey color that will amplify the perceived volume as well!

68. Blonde Buzz Cut Easy Hairstyles for Short Hair

This simple, classic look has a 1-inch overall length and a pale blonde hair shade that makes the very fine-textured hair look soft and feminine!

69. Short Spiky Hairstyle with Textured Top

An increasingly longer look is obtained by gradually increasing the length of the haircut towards the top which instead, will allow you to style the top towards the left or the right depending on your mood.

IV. Unique Easy Hairstyles For Short Hair

70. Mid Fade with Two-colored Curly Top Hairstyle

Get the most out of your curly Afro with a side razor design that follows the natural curve of the head and faded sides while choosing to add a splash of color on the front with a magenta hair color.

71. Cornrows and Shaved Sides Easy Hairstyles for Short Hair

With zero faded sides and four thin cornrows tied in small knots in the back, this look is perfect for hot summer day when you want to enjoy cool, fresh air!

72. Punk Mohawk with Shaved Sides and Artistic Razor Pattern

This contrasting look has an amazing blend of Bordeaux, black, and bright red top strands styled on a side of the head that makes a cool contrast with the sharp fade and the geometric razor pattern applied on the side.

73. Warm Blonde Faux Hawk Hairstyle

A spiky, short trimmed faux hawk with short sides and extra long top strands make this look a cool way of expressing your inner warrior!

74. Emerald Colored Bowl-cut Easy Hairstyle

A cool emerald-colored bowl-cut will instantly turn all the eyes towards your face and you can easily arrange it using a hairbrush with a bit of hair spray to keep the beautiful volume.

75. Punk Bowl Cut with Razored Sideburns

A shorter bowl cut in a warm brown tone will enhance your look easily and you can turn into a stylish punk haircut by shaving the sides as well! Stunning!

76. Short Red Hairstyle with Orange Headband

Create a complementary look with an orange-colored feminine headband that will give your look a sweet allure while also being very good at keeping all the short strands from getting into your face.

77. Short Smokey Grey Hairstyle with Baby Bangs

This short, smoky grey hairstyle with baby bangs and a single long strand that covers one temple side create an instantly cool look!

78. Asymmetric Short Haircut with Long Sideburns

When looking for a more interesting design, this asymmetric short haircut with long sideburns has both round angles and sharp lines that will frame your face beautifully!

79. Easy Asymmetric Hairstyle with Shaved Sides

This highly contrasting look with one long side and shaved side will be super easy to maintain except that you have to keep freshly trimmed to keep the rough side texture!

80. Short Haircut with Side Razor Design

With curly textured hair and a razor sideline, this look is a cool way of naturally creating a longer shape for your face.

81. Pink Blonde Hairstyle with Red Velvety Ribbon

This feminine look with instantly give you a bright, Red Ridding Hood allure thanks to the velvety thin ribbon that creates a beautiful mix with the long pink strands.

82. Two Colored Short Razor Fade

An ultra-bright hairstyle with shaved sides and a bit of length at the top can be easily styled with just a couple of comb brushes! The colors will need a good care routine to look this bright!

83. Curly Mohawk Hairstyle with Shaved Sides

A combination of flowy curls and zero faded hairstyle will make your hairstyle an amazing mix of feminine and masculine features that you can arrange in various ways!

84. Wavy Blonde Mohawk Hairstyle with Shaved Sides

With a beautiful shade of ashy grey, these long slightly wavy top strands are paired with shaved sides creating a cool Mohawk look!

85. Classic Buzz Cut Easy Hairstyle For Short Hair

When in doubt, buzz it out! This classic short haircut will put your make up and facial features in a cool frame and you won’t need any other styling products to maintain it!

86. Short Haircut with Soft Waves Hairstyle

This short haircut with soft waves is simply charming thanks to its flowy feathered look with short cut sides.

87. Pastel Colored Hairstyle with Long Sideburns

This exquisite hairstyle with long sideburns has a cool galaxy-inspired color pattern with long sideburns and subtle bangs that create a round shape exposing the eyebrows!

88. Short Fade Hairstyle with Side Razor Design

Super short trimmed top and sides with a slight razor side line create a cool bright design for your face and bring luminosity for your makeup! Incredible mix!

89. Green Buzz Cut Hairstyle

This ultra-short green buzz cut with short spiky hairs will make your head the center of attention no matter where you go and it’s super easy to style as well!

90. Flow Haircut with Violet Strands Hairstyle

91. Pink Pale Top Knot with Shaved Sides Hairstyle

92. Asymmetric Hairstyle with Blonde Pink Strands

With a very fine, geometrically shaped look, this asymmetric hairstyle with blonde pink strands will frame your face enhancing the round curvy look!

93. Classic Taper Easy Hairstyle For Short Hair

If your hair tends to have a natural side part, all you need is a classic short taper hairstyle which will make your hair look amazing with one simple brush!

94. Messy Orange Pixie Hairstyle with Long Sideburns

This cool, unique pixie haircut with extra-long, flimsy sideburns colored in pale orange makes a great choice for those with an elongated face that wish to make short hair frame their face without too much effort for styling!

95. Short Trimmed Natural Easy Hairstyle Pixie Cut

Obtain the perfect Bambi look with a short trimmed easy short pixie cut with pointy sideburns and uneven short baby bangs that break the pattern.

96. Short Bleach Blonde Fade with Dark Roots

This ultra-short blonde hairstyle with dark roots will enhance the volume of your hair after you wash it and blow dry it guaranteed! A cool way to wear it!

97. Pixie Cut with Short Shaved Sides Hairstyle

With uneven top strands and short shaved sides, this dark-colored hairstyle has an amplified textured volume that makes the natural color shine even more!

98. Short Trimmed Taper Hairstyle

This over grown taper hairstyle with short trimmed strands and messy top with long sideburns create a cool textured crown that will give your face an elongated “bob” shape.

99. Sleek Side-swept Hairstyle

An ultra-short sleek side-swept hairstyle with neatly combed sides and a soft peachy red hair color are a very delicate and feminine choice for women with a white skin complexion.

100. Curly Bob With Balayage Hairstyle

Achieve a Medusa-like appearance with this short curly bob that makes your hair have an incredible volume and shape while the added subtle brown hues will make it look warm!

101. Curly Taper Easy Hairstyle for Short Hair

Tapered sides and a curly top with a messy styling that will enhance your hair’s volume in an instant will ensure that you look stylish and fabulous by simply applying a salty hair spray and drying your hair!


Easy hairstyles for short hair are not what we always think of! Sometimes a military buzz cut with a geometric sideline in a funky color can become a very feminine look! The same goes for short tapers, Pixies, and other layered haircuts that can be admired in this article! How about your personal preferences?