100 Stunning African Braids Hairstyles RIGHT NOW (after 2023)

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Dealing with natural afro hair is hard, but braids have made that super easy. Cornrow braids or cornrows are one of the most popular, favored, and suggested protective hairstyles. But there are plenty of choices, from box braids to tribal braids, that can be done in numerous ways, so it’s hard to choose your next style confidently. Don’t worry; we are here to help. In this article, we will show you the worth-trying 100 African Braids Hairstyles that are suitable for every hair length and every afro hair texture.

When big names like Jasmine Sanders, Mel B., Nicki Minaj, Zendaya, Ciara, and Alicia Keys ruled the red carpet with African braids and stunned the world with their beauty; it made this hairstyle recognized and admired by the whole world and set a trend of making cornrows as a beauty essential to style the hair.

1. Medium Size African Cornrow Ombre Braids

Golden brown ombre on thin medium size cornrow braids is a hairstyle that gorgeously suits dark to light afro skin tones.

2. Tresses African Braids

Thin braids in the middle of a wider base are a ravishing African hairstyle. You can gather them on one shoulder to get an elegant look.

3. Cornrows with Beads

If you want a hairstyle to look like your creation to inspire others, not inspired by others, then this cornrow hairstyle is best. Adding beads at the ends of middle-part pattern braids gives it a fabulous customized look.

4. African Braids with Small Bun

African braids with wider bases that gradually got thicker look amazing. The lower bun at the nape of the neck makes it chic.

5. African Cornrow Ponytail

Invisible braids in a slightly curved pattern are a trendy style. Tying braided hair up in a ponytail makes you look fashion-forward. Few golden-colored braids make it suitable for every occasion.

6. African Braids Twist Style

The combination of invisible braids at the head side with box base twists looks sophisticated. The addition of beads and brown color to the hair looks attractive.

7. African Natural Hairstyle with Beads

A thick natural hairstyle for black women with vintage-style beads looks traditional and stylish. Beads that touch the collarbone highlight femininity.

8. 3 Layer African Braids

Side-swept cornrow braids style looks lovely. But when it comes over the face during an important task, it feels unmanageable. Taking 2 to 3 braids from both head sides and tying them at the back gives an ultimate manageable look.

9. Jumbo Cornrow Braid

Jumbo braids are irresistible and fashionable. Beads at the ends make it even chicer.

10. Rose Petal Pink Hair African Cornrows Braids

If someone wants to stand out with a loud yet decent hair makeover, then this cornrows hairstyle is best. Pink rose petal hair with a combination of various interesting patterns looks fancy.

11. Long African Hairstyle

If you are the one looking for the most decent and elegant hairstyles in any category, then choose this hairstyle. Braids with a beautiful invisible ponytail base look excellent.

12. Flawless Waist Length African Braids Hairstyle

Backward style cornrows with simple patterns reaching with impeccable neatness make this hairstyle look flawless.

13. Neat Long Braids Style

Invisible cornrows (braids whose base is not visible) look neat when skilfully made. When put on one shoulder, it suits any dressing style.

14. Half Box Cornrow Braids

Half box braids, when dramatically got thicker, look high-fashion. Bringing braids forward on both shoulders looks royal.

15. Cornrow Side Braid

Fully curved cornrow braids with partitions from behind the ear to the crown can help anyone make a fashion statement.

16. Small Corn Row Braids

Small, invisible braids with a lower, thick bun give you a sophisticated look. Also, you will have the option to untie the bun and flatter the flowy braids.

17. Ghana Weaving Cornrow Braid

Ghana weaving braids with the high sleek braid ponytail is the best hairstyle whether you want to have fun or attend a formal meeting.

18. Thick Braids with Extension

A combination of the thinnest and flattest cornrows and thick and raised braids looks trendy and fashion-forward.

19. 8 Feed ins Braids Hairstyle

Eight impeccably made feed-in African braids that have a wider base look super tidy. Laid edges make it even more gorgeous.

20. Large Stitch Braids

Large stitch braids with a combination of thin braids and a thin braid connecting all braids give you an interesting look.

21. Ombre Layer Braids

Braids getting dramatically thicker in an interesting pattern with golden ombre extensions looks high-rated. Laid edges make it even trendier.

22. Feed-in Braids and Cornrows

Feed-in braids alongside each thin cornrow feel unique and give vibes of an up-to-date hairstyle.

23. Small Feed in African Braid with Bun

Small cornrows with a wider base feed-in style look totally contemporary. A bun at the nape gives it a traditional look.

24. African Short Rasta Braids

The delicacy of rasta braids starts from the hairline and finishes at extremely thin/tapered ends. Zoë Kravitz has flaunted its style with this style.

25. Braids Into a Bun

Thick raised feed-in braids with thin and flat cornrows look fabulous with a bun.

26. Havana Twist African Braid Hairstyles

Havana’s invisible cornrows with a high crown ponytail look magnificent. Few blonde braids and braids towards the face look traditional.

27. Passion Twist Braids Style

Passion twists look amazingly flattering when made on a sleek box base. The best part is passion twists to suit every personality.

28. Mid Length Braids

Mid-length braids with simple and creative patterns highlight the decent fashion sense. This hairstyle is perfect for every occasion.

29. Senegalese Twist Braid Hairstyles

Senegalese twists and African braids combine in a lemonade braid pattern unbeatable. The flowy curly hair looks chic on the face.

30. Goddess Locs Hairstyle

The intersecting and wavy pattern braids on invisible braids look wonderful. Some claw clips with butterfly style look cute on younger girls.

31. Waist Length Hairstyles

Simple, thin, and without base shown looks attractive. Laid edges give the hairstyle a manageable look.

32. African High Pony Braid Hairstyles

Braids in a high bun are a go-to protective hairstyle for black women of any age and any occasion.

33. All Back Hairstyles

All-back thick feed-in cornrows look smart and stylish. If this hairstyle is made for women over 40, she will look instantly young.

34. Ponytail with Curls and Braids

Cornrows in a high-braided ponytail look great. When curls are added at the ends, it looks ultra-modern. 

35. Freestyle African Cornrow Braid Hairstyles with Heart

An interesting pattern like a heart on the head side with simple thick all-back braids can give anyone an up-to-date look.

36. Zig Zag Hairstyles

Zig-zag braids look high-fashion and ultra-modern and usually suit young girls.

37. Goddess Braids

Feed-in braids with a very high ponytail make your appearance perfectly fitted wherever you are.

38. Simple African Braid Hairstyles

These braids look brilliant on girls going to educational institutes. Thick braids and thin ends are a beautiful contrast between traditional and modern.

39. Full Sew-in with Lace Closure Braids

Lace closure helps you set in a flawless hairline. With the help of sewing in extensions of tracks, stylists can make older women achieve this hairstyle.

40. Long Knotless Hairstyles

Long knotless box braids look ultra-natural and do not make it prominent if the person is wearing extensions. Also, you can move your hair naturally.

41. Layers Braid

Big feed-in braids with a mini bun at the nape look adorable on little girls.

42. Side Braids with Curly Hair

Thickest feed-in braids on both sides of the head till the nape looks amazingly beautiful when hair freely flows on the back.

43. Half Up Half Down African Braid Hairstyles

Intersecting braids and zig-zag patterns in a half-up, the half-down hairstyle looks cute.

44. Mohawk Braid Hairstyles

Curve-style braids on the backside of the head and all-back Senegalese twists create an elegant mohawk style. Curly hair at the ends makes it even more gorgeous.

45. Updo Bun Hairstyles

Tidy feed-in braids with the high braided bun look high fashion. Flowy tresses for face-framing beautify face shape.

46. Med Knotless with African Braid Hairstyles

Braids on the first half head with box braids on the rest of the head look so stylish and decent.

47. Ghana Braids with Bun

Ghana braids with traditional cornrows in making high bun look modish. You can wear this hairstyle with formal and sporty dresses.

48. African Braid Ponytail Updo Hairstyles

All back slightly curved cornrows and braided ponytail is a stylishly elegant hairstyle that can be worn with gowns too.

49. Braids Hairstyles with Ponytail Bun

A high top-knot bun with curved and straight braids looks classy and attractive.

50. Braids with High Top Bun

Traditional braids and feed-in cornrows with high braided ponytail hairstyles are alluring to be worn with sporty, casual, formal, party wear and gowns.

51. Straight Back Feed-ins Braids

All back straight braids look high fashion and equally gorgeous for young and older women.

52. Updo Braids with Ribbon and Beads

Give your daughter or little sister a surprise by getting her hair done in such a beautiful way. Chunky beads on braids with ribbon on a bun look adorable.

53. Twin Neat Braids

Twin braids in chunky dutch braid style give the perfect sporty and strong woman look and are high-fashion.

54. African Updo Ponytail Braid with Extension

Skilfully made African braids in high braided ponytail style are extra pretty to make you stand out decently.

55. Stitch Braids with Gray Hair Color

Stitch braids with silver-gray hair in the braided ponytail are a bold and chic hairstyle to try out this season.

56. Frontal Long Braids

Braids with a frontal install look awesome. Partition at the crown and lemonade braid style make it ultra-modern.

57. Lace Frontal Sew in Braids with Bun

Half-up, half-down hairstyle with a middle part pattern looks ultimately gorgeous. It is easy to obtain with lace frontal sew-in.

58. Ghana Weaving Braid with Top High Bun

Ghana weaving braids in tribal braids style look traditional and when combined with hair accessories and a high-top bun makes it look modish.

59. Fulani Braids

Criss-cross and slightly curved braids with long and fully straight braids in the middle create a unique contrast between traditional and trendy.

60. Long Hair Knotless Box Braids

Knotless box braids on long hair create a mesmerizing appearance. Braids will have a flatter base creating a natural look.

61. Tresse Collée Braid

These braids are popular among white women too. Braid cuffs and the right amount of jewelry make it look trendy.

62. Top Knot All Back African Bun

All-back thick feed-in and thin braids with a low bun are highly elegant for daily life and official meetings. 

63. Ghana Braids

Ghana braids with side part style and the invisible base look amazing. Slightly curved going behind the ears look modern.

64. Stitch Braids with Curl at the End

Diagonal and straight braids with a zig-zag pattern in-between look interesting. The curls at the ends make this hairstyle excellent.

65. Short Hair Braids

Ghana braids in the middle highlighted short ponytail looks cute. The Senegalese twists in a ponytail tied with ribbon look trendy.

66. Long Straight Back

Long straight-back cornrows with little braided swoops at the front are a great braided hairstyle for women of any age.

67. 3 Layer Feed ins Braids

Three-layer feed-in braids in every section look so trendy and stylish.

68. Sleek Ponytail Braid with Curls at the End

Feed-in braids with sleek base straight braids look super gorgeous. Curls at the ends of long braids look enchanting.

69. 6 Long Braids Style

Six long wider base feed-in braids on the whole head look super appealing. Slicked edges make it decent.

70. Two Space Bun Braid

Two buns at the crown in the middle part with the curved pattern look ultimately gorgeous.

71. African with Design

The wavy, intersecting, and straight braid design looks modish, cute, and elegant.

72. Congolese Braids

The middle part is braided till the crown and spring twists on the rest of the hair look high fashion. The braid cuffs make it modish.

73. Freestyle Hairstyles

Thin cornrows that cover all the hair to the scalp in freestyle are super excellent to adopt. This hairstyle suits a child girl better.

74. Stunning African Look

Dramatically thick braids look impressive with simple straight patterns. This is elegant and looks super modish.

75. Long Lemonade African Braid Hairstyles

The curve and straight style in each braid is an effortlessly attractive hairstyle. The braids on both shoulders make it more feminine.

76. Two Hairstyle with Extensions

The middle part, thick two braids in a dutch braid manner on both sides, gives you an unstoppable personality look.

77. 8 Feed-in Stitch Hairstyle

Eight feed-in stitch braids are enough to cover the whole head. The cleanliness and laid edges make it more decent.

78. 2 Strand Twist African Braid Hairstyles

After making cornrows on the whole head, make Senegalese twists by intervening into the braids and letting them flow at the back to look supremely attractive.

79. Simple Braids with Natural Extensions

Simple straight braids till the nape and the rest of the hair in spring twists till the ends give ultimately fabulous vibes.

80. Crochet African Braid Hairstyles Ponytail

African Braids with a high-braided ponytail look super tip-top. Some locks framing the hair beautify the face shape.

81. Stylish African Braid Hairstyles in Ponytail

A thick braid with a high crown ponytail looks gorgeous on women over 50s too. Wearing the right amount of jewelry makes it suitable for everyone.

82. Twin Jumbo African Braid Hairstyles

Dutch braid style thick feed-in braids with thin side braids are a must-try hairstyle for anyone who wants to adopt trendy looks.

83. Beautiful All Back African Braid Hairstyles

All back cornrow braids with wavy, straight heart-shaped braids are attention-grabbing. The auburn color with curls at the ends makes it look cool.

84. Fishtail African Braid Hairstyles with Extensions

Dutch braid style fishtail cornrow braids till the nape look A1. The curly, fluffy, free hair on the shoulder looks amazing.

85. Quick & Easy African Braid Hairstyles

The diagonal braids on both sides, like the middle part of the hair, look fantastic. Some straight braids from crown to back look traditional.

86. Neatly Braided Ponytail with Beads

The side partition braids in swoop style look top-notch. The ghana twists in a ponytail with braids and cuffs look chic.

87. Straight Backs with Heart Design

Five straight-back feed-in braids with heart shape designs look brilliant. The golden braids at the nape look magnificent.

88. Twin Bun with Singles in the Back

African braid in a pattern to create twin buns looks cute. Some untied hair at the neck looks amazingly pretty.

89. Six Curvy Feed-In African Braid Hairstyles

Six curvy feed-in braids with a combination of thin flat cornrows look trendy. The jet black, brown, and peanut color create a unique contrast.

90. Medium Feed-in Braids

Medium all-back feed-in braids reaching the waist are super glamorous to wear with any dressing style.

91. Goddess Feed-In Braids

If you want to achieve the trendiest hairstyle of this season, show this picture of a hairstyle containing thick feed-in and thin braids. But don’t forget to customize it to make it unique, like adding braid cuffs.

92. 10 Feed-in Braids

If you want to make your protective hairstyle last longer, then opt for these gorgeous feed-in braids. It has a smaller base, so you will have 10 of them.

93. Feed-In Braids with Heart

Various straight-back braids with a heart design at the head side with concealed ponytail bases look amazing on everyone.

94. 6 Large Straight Back Braids

Six straight chunky feed-in braids, if made tidy and beautifully laid, can make you a show stopper.

95. Feed-In African Updo with Top Bun

Beautifully curved and straight feed-in braids updo look marvelous with a top bun. Some untied hair strands coming out of the bun to make it more glamorous.

96. Small Feed In Hairstyle

Small straight backward feed-in braids with an invisible base look royal. The edges laid in a wavy style look cute.

97. Swahili Updo Hairstyle

Neat Swahili braids with no braid base visible look magnificent. The high braided ponytail gives it a modish look.

98. Small Feed In African Braid Hairstyles with Bun

Curve and straight braids that become dramatically thick look chic. The burgundy auburn hair makes it more fashionable.

99. Half African Braid Hairstyle with Twin Buns

A twin bun with braids on half-head, while the rest of the head has knotless braids, looks chic and brilliant.

100. Natural Hair Swahili Braid Hairstyle

Swahili braids with an invisible base look amazingly modish and elegant. This hairstyle suits every woman with any dressing style and is perfect for any event.

What Are African Braids?

African braids are the ones that are snugly made closer to the scalp that start like normal three-strand braids, and then you add hair to the middle strand every time you intertwine the strand. Because of being made closer to the scalp, cornrows are also called scalp braids.

How Long Do African Braids Last?

Ideally, African braids last between one to two months. However, the braids’ lasting period depends on the size of the braids and how well you take care of them. The bigger/wider braids last less than smaller/thin braids.

Are African Braids Only For Long Hair?

Usually, American-African women have short hair, and if the afro hair is silk pressed, it does not reach that length as shown on social media and here. So, stylists add extensions to natural hair. In other words, adding extensions is the need to achieve a cornrow braid hairstyle.

What About If One Does Their Own African Braids?

We adore motivated women, but the fact is doing your own cornrows all over the head, especially on the back of the head, is difficult. So, we suggest booking an appointment with a professional stylist.


African braids are a quick way to warm up your look and only look good when maintained during the installation period. Going to a professional stylist, ensure that your braided hair will not look frizzy or rough after a few days because they use water-based gels and cream to keep the hair look moisturized. If the scalp looks flaky or dry, we suggest misting a soft cloth and dabbing it on the space between cornrows. Keep hair safe from getting rough and tangling; wrap braids in satin or silk scarf at night.

Don’t forget to bookmark this article to avoid the hassle of finding African braids inspiration when it’s time to get your hair done.