50 Stunning Galaxy Hair Color Ideas to Try in 2024

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Dyeing hair to get cool galaxy hair is a new trend that its vibrant hues took the world by storm. These Galaxy Hair Color Ideas give us the feel of planet discoveries, fascinating galaxy news, and space trips that look breathtaking.

If someone is not into ordinary hair colors, galaxy hair ideas are best for you. Or, if someone wants to make a prominent or bold fashion statement, galaxy hair will help.

Celebrities Olivia O’Brien with muted pink and purple hair color, Regina King with purple, and Kylie Janner with dark, shiny blue gives us the ultimate goal to look amazing with galaxy hair that suits everyone. On the other hand, BTS V with pop colors like vibrant purple and rich blue hair showed up and inspired all to take the step out from muted color to rich, light, and vibrant color to achieve perfect galaxy hair.

1. Curly Ocean Drip Galaxy Hair Color Hairstyle

The Tiffany Blue transition combination with purple hair is so eye-catching. The dark and light hair combination on tight and light curly hair will make it look like a spiral of the milky way.

2. Pop Blue Bob Cut Style

The pop blue color gives the feeling of serenity. When this color is dyed on your hair, it makes you stand out, looking unique while conveying positive vibes.

3. Curly Melt Hairstyle

Red, purple, pink, and orange hair color seamless transition looks stunning and makes your galaxy hair pop out. Also, red bangs make the eye more jazzed.

4. Magical Blue Curly Bob

Purple smudge roots with lively teal-ish blue hair color look superb. It suits fair, olive, medium-dark, and dark skin tones. The url the hair to make this galaxy hair idea more stunning.

5. Short Rainbow Prism Galaxy Hair

Prism rainbow hair is renowned, especially among university and college students. The red, pink, and dark blue hints look amazing. In addition, we fancy green hints that make hair glow.

6. Gradient Purple & Blue Galaxy Hair Color

If you are interested in colors digitally, you must know how the gradient feature catches attention and becomes everyone’s favorite. This purple shade shift to blue hair with a gradient effect feels like the woman calmly has caught all galaxy color in the hair.

7. Mystique Purple & Blue Galaxy Hair Color

Purple to blue than magenta looks mesmerizing. The purple undertone in all hair creates a beautiful contrast to make hair look more glowing.

8. Livia Pink & Blue Hair Color

Livia pink vibrant on the upper sider and turning to blue and muted pink looks gorgeous. Half-up, half-down hairstyle will suit it amazingly.

9. Under Light Galactic Hairstyle

The under-light galactic hairstyle with blue and pink transitioning galaxy colors is excellent. Half-up style prominently shows the colors, making it superb.

10. Long Hair Cosmic Galaxy Color

The cosmic galaxy looks breathtaking. Its color pop tiffany blue and dark blue slate color will look wonderful together. However, the color formation in a different way makes it unique, making a money piece of pop tiffany blue color.

11. Colorful Long Mullet Galaxy Hair

Purple, blue, green, orange, pink, and yellow seamless transition from up towards down looks great. If someone’s jawline is sharp, apple green hair reaching the chin will highlight it.

12. Mohawk with Icy Blue Bangs Galaxy Hair

This galaxy hair idea is best for them if someone is into bold and loud fashion. The cyan blue and french blue with dark lip color make you look unique.

13. Bleach Hair Roots & Icy Blue Color

This galaxy hair idea is so sassy. Bleach blonde roots and icy blue hair with curtain bangs look excellent. Matching contact lenses will make it suit extraordinary.

14. Long & Wavy Purple Curtain Fringe

The vibrant, glossy purple with flicked curtain bangs is a perfect choice to look younger instantly. These curtain bangs focus on your eyes, so wear galaxy contact lenses for a flattering look.

15. Mohawk with Faded Violet Hair Color

Muted purple mullet with light purple ends looks enchanting. However, it suits better with a warmer skin tone.

16. Wavy Electric Blue & Purple Hair Color

Try this cool galaxy hair idea if you want to capture the cosmic galaxy colors in your hair. The color transition from teal purple to tiffany blue reflects that and looks gorgeous on long hair.

17. Lemon and Purple Curly Hair

We are sure you guys are still not over the neon hair trend; this hair color represents the same. The brown and mute purple merge well to create an aesthetic effect, and yellow streaks make hair look glowing.

18. Pixie Yellow & Icy Blue Hair Color

Slate blue and dark gold short pixie cut hair with brown base looks is endearing. With bangs, this hairstyle suits every face shape.

19. Curly Celeste Galaxy Hair Color

Cosmic galaxy with fiery color, burning red and orange, money piece looks mesmerizing and is an excellent combination of hot and cold colors. Accordance dressing helps you make a unique fashion statement.

20. Portia Blue Hair Color

The galaxy blue hair color with a black undertone looks lovely. It looks even great when hair is tied up because color shows up more prominently.

21. Turquoise Pixie Hair

Turquoise pixie hair with smudged roots makes you feel like a glittering galaxy in deep space. The feathery cut makes it fuller to give a high cranial top effect.

22. Haley Curly Short Hair

Haley’s short curly hair is always in the talk. You can also get this style with tapered sides and back with fuller curly hair with pink and purple color. The curls on the forehead can flatter anyone’s appearance.

23. Cosmic Red & Purple Root Hair Color

Silky cosmic red hair is so lovely to warm up the appearance. The addition of purple color at the roots makes it perfect for all skin tones.

24. Stella Wavy Bob Cut Style

Stella bob cut is always attention-grabbing. The addition of muted hair color with popping red and orange color will make it even more gorgeous.

25. Blended Vivid Purple & Blue Hairstyle

Vivid purple smudge roots blended with the blue color make its lookout. The big curls at the ends make it even more fantastic.

26. Colorful Libra With Undercut Hairstyle

Want to be a fashion inspiration? This undercut, colorful hairstyle containing purple, pink, apple green, and platinum gray streaks makes hair look amazing.

27. Purple-Orchid Wavy Length with Bangs

Pinkish purple to pastel purple with wavy and long layered hair with bangs gives the vibe of purple orange that looks so good.

28. Ophelia Long Mullet Hairstyle

With cosmic galaxy hair and pink and apple orange color look so high-fashion. Dyeing eyebrows with galaxy color makes it bold.

29. Cosmic Red Curtain Fringe Style

Cosmic red hair with middle part style and curtain fringe are eye-catching and classy. This color suits both warm and cool undertones.

30. Purple Nashira Mullet Galaxy Hair

Nashira is a fascinating giant galaxy star that has blue-white color. This hair idea has the same color but with a purple hint.

31. Wavy Length Cosmos with Bangs Galaxy Hair

Cosmos always look mesmerizing, but it becomes extraordinary when the stylist dyes hair in cosmos color in a certain unique way. The mixture of glowing purple and blue becomes pastel at the ends.

32. Rainbow Blunt Bangs with Undercut

Aqua, cosmos, and pink shades look amazing with blunt bangs and undercut. This style suits women with smaller face shapes.

33. Larissa Blue & Purple Hairstyle

Turquoise, teal, and pastel purple color streaks on curly hair with muted dark roots look amazing.

34. Nebula Pixie Galaxy Hair

Sapphire blue hair color pixie cut with black color in undercut style suits every woman and makes them look younger.

35. Cosmic Blue Afro Hairstyle

If you are an afro-haired woman and think that you can’t enjoy galaxy hair, be happy and get ready to dye your hair turquoise. Dark undertones make the hair appear more beautiful and fuller.

36. Envy Green with Shaded Blue Hairstyle

Envy green hair with a few blue hair sections creates a fantastic contrast. Making a hairstyle with such beautifully dyed hair.

37. Lyra Split Color Style

Lyra split style creates different colors on each half side. It looks so royal when one side is jet black like space, and the other is purple like a galaxy.

38. Curtain Bangs & Trix Cereal Vibe Galaxy Hair

We all like the fruity splash of Trix cereal; what if we got all of those colors in our hair? It will look majestic. The yellow, orange, and purple curtain bangs with blue ends look amazing.

39. Wavy Ariel Blue & Purple Style

The color transition of purple to ariel blue looks lovely. The long layered haircut and airy ends make it even chicer.

40. Smokey Purple Ends Bob Cut Style

It is one of the most classic and elegant galaxy hair ideas. A long bob haircut with Black hair at the top and smokey purple ends looks stylish.

41. Purple & Blonde Bob Cut Style

Cold and pastel purple color transitions to iris color look flattering. The addition of blonde hair color at the roots and on a few strands makes it look unique.

42. Deep Purple & Lengthy Curls Style

Blueish-purple hair color dimensions make hair look high-rated. However, the side part style makes it suitable for every face shape.

43. Galactic Pony With Undercut Hairstyle

This hair idea reminds us of a unicorn. The undercut with tapered sides leaves hair like a mohawk. Follow this haircut idea till the nape. It leaves pony hair at the back, giving them milky way galaxy colors.

44. Balayage Mermaid Blue Hair Color

Black color soft color transition to mermaid blue looks astonishing. This idea works best on longer hair.

45. Adhara Curtain Fringe Galaxy Hair

Teal blue and purplish-blue money-piece brings youthfulness to the face, compliments the complexion, and looks ultra-modern.

46. Purple Blunt Bob Galaxy Hair

A blunt purple bob with dark roots looks so amazing; the waves in the bob make it even more awesome. Also, it makes your skin tone look richer.

47. Galactic Short Hairstyle

Vibrant blue hair looks unique, and the pink ends make hair even more glowing and attention-grabbing.

48. Straight Hair Galactic Peek-A-Boo

Dye all side-swept hair with galactic color and let the rest of the hair be natural. Then, when you make different hairstyles, those colors appear like peek-a-boo that looks attractive.

49. Messy Cosmic Strands Galaxy Hair Color

Green and bluish-gray color with few white strands and apple green color give it an ultimate neon hair effect. You will like a glowing galaxy.

50. Long & Curly Galactic Style

Teal blue and dark purple hair with extreme shine and dark smudge roots is a super elegant and classic galaxy hairstyle. It is perfectly suitable for any dress code and any occasion.

Galaxy Hair Color Ideas FAQs

What Is Galaxy Hair?

Galaxy hair color contains colors that are found in space. These are shades of blue, purple, green, pastel, and jewel tones. In addition, galaxy hair can also contain pink, red, orange, teal, sapphire, and magenta splashes.

Galaxy hair can be of only one color, but usually, it contains two or more colors that are blended for the ombre effect. That’s why galaxy hair makes you look out of this world.

How Can You Get Galaxy Hair?

Dyeing hair to galaxy colors is difficult because you have to work with multiple colors and dye according to specific techniques to get galaxy hair. So, we strongly recommend booking an appointment with a professional to avoid ruining your hair.

How To Care For Galaxy Hair?

You should wash galaxy hair with a special shampoo made for color-treated hair and cold water. You will also need to use products recommended by your colorist.

What To Consider Before Getting Galaxy Hair? 

Galaxy hair is not a low-maintenance hairstyle. You need to show some dedication to style and care for it to make it look shiny and healthy. If you are unsure how galaxy hair will look on you, we suggest trying a semi-permanent dye first.


Among all the above-listed 50 cool galaxy hair ideas for 2024, you must have got the inspiration for the next look here. You must know that getting galaxy hair will take hours (3 to 5 hours), and the care for it will be expensive because you can’t use any off-the-shelf products. However, you will know it is worth all these efforts.

To make hair look healthy, we suggest minimizing the sun exposure to the hair to avoid fading colors quickly. In addition, it is better to wear a scarf when going outside, so your hair remains protected from dry air, too; this will avoid hair brittleness.