50 Cool Mushroom Haircut for Women in 2024

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If there is a talk about bowl cuts for women, it will be a mushroom haircut. The mushroom cut is no longer a thing of the past; it has gone modernized in this century. Singers, actors, and influencers raise these mushroom hair trends and give us goals to rock it. 

If you ever have hated this style as a child, reconsider your thought and think about why this generation is bringing back this old-school hairstyle. Then, because it freshens up the look and makes it edgy and high fashion, we suggest you think about what alteration can make it look good on you next time you see women in a mushroom cut. 

1. Mushroom Cut with Pink Peek-A-Bo

Ladies with thick hair can pull off this hairstyle. The tapered sides make a face appear slimmer. The pink shade makes it hot for every season. 

2. Copper Mushroom Cut with V Line Shape

Copper and orange mushroom cut in a traditional bowl cut way looks modern. The V-shape tapered back makes it sassy. 

3. Mushroom Mullet with Long Side Burn Haircut

This mullet-type mushroom cut looks gorgeous on women of any age. The heavy and long sideburns make it unique and trendy-looking. 

4. Mushroom Cut with Geometric Shaved Lines

Hot pink-colored mushroom cut with black tapered head back creates a great contrast—the geometric shaved lines in tapered hair look high-fashion. 

5. Blonde Mushroom Cut

This mushroom hairstyle for blonde hair with a scissor cut at the back of the head looks super gorgeous. 

6. Mushroom Cut Hipster

This hipster mushroom cut is for you if you are into new and unconventional fashion. The hair on the forehead makes a face appear shorter. 

7. Mushroom Undercut with Edgy Violet Bangs

The jet black hair’s transition to violet color at the bang looks supremely impressive. This style can warm up anyone’s complexion instantly. 

8. Large Sized Mushroom Cut

Super big and voluminous mushroom cut with no thinned sides or back of the head looks super elegant. It is better for those too who don’t know if a mushroom cut is a good idea for them. 

9. Mushroom Cut with Very Long Bangs

Angled mushroom cut with bangs covering the eyes and hair on the back of the head instantly gets angled to make hair thin at the nape looks like a bold conventional style. 

10. Mushroom Cut with Long Tendrils

A sassy mushroom haircut lower at the back with tapered back and low thin sideburns like tendrils look innovative. 

11. Peacock Color Palette for Mushroom Haircut

Peacock colors are our favorites from our childhood, and on the hair, it (blue, green, and purple under lights) looks chic and gorgeous.

12. Simple Mushroom Cut for Black Hair

If someone is a boyish girl or has a tomboy fashion style, this forward mushroom cut with thinned sides and back of the head will look good on them. 

13. Short Mushroom Crop

Short hair with the same angled cut from front and back with faded sides and back of the head is best for those who like loud fashion. 

14. Mushroom with Sharp Edge Cut

Edges of the mushroom cut are usually thin, so it does not feel sharp. But, on the other hand, this hairstyle has sharp edges and gives you a dauntless, daring appearance. 

15. Platinum Mushroom Cut with V-Shape Bangs

Silver-platinum mushroom hair in forwarding style V-shape bangs looks attractive with thinned head sides.

16. Mushroom Undercut with Mini Side-Swept Bangs

Mute pink and bluish-silver hair with a mushroom cut and side-swept mini bangs looks elegant and feminine. 

17. Rolly Bowly Haircut

A bowl haircut is also called a rolly bowl haircut, and we present it to you in yellow, brown, and green. This super round bowl cut will look amazing. 

18. Candy Crop with Bleach and Cut

Soft pink, cotton candy-colored, mushroom cut in a forward hairstyle looks fashionable. Undercut will add more beauty to this hairstyle. 

19. Mushroom Cut for Deep Wavy Hair

Deep wavy, and thick are suitable for this hairstyle. The faded sides and back of the head make edges prominent which look sassy.

20. Mob Hair and Mushroom Cut

Mushroom hair in mob-style with layer cutting with peanut color highlights looks daring and modern. It suits almost every face shape because of the high cranial top. 

21. Vintage Mushroom Cut

This super classic mushroom hairstyle that elegantly and beautifully round the head with sleek hair looks vintage. It contains no sideburns or thinned sides of the back of the head. 

22. Funky Fresh Cut

This funky fresh-cut suits heavier hair. The heavy sideburns thinned back of the head with hints of light brown color help you set a fashion statement. 

23. Glam and Style for Mushroom Haircut

The green and purple glossy color top and lustrous silver sides of the head look super glamorous. This hairstyle works best on thin hair

24. Mushroom Haircut with Hair Extension

Mushroom cut with reddish-brown, purple, blue, and pink hair with mullet style back looks amazing. The long blue extension makes it unique. 

25. Blunt Bowl Cut

The blunt mushroom bowl cut looks stylish and cute on all face shapes. It gives a definition of face features too. 

26. Fashionable Mushroom Haircut with Chopped Bangs

Chopped bangs and spiky edges mushroom cut looks best with high street fashion. 

27. Mushroom Haircut with Edgy Bob

Dark mute purple mushroom cut with blunt edges on the head and thinned hair on the sides of the head gives you an edgy appearance. 

28. Husk Style for Mushroom Haircut

Husky style is the contrast of two things. The hair layer is super straight, and the upper layer is messier. The brown peanut butter hair makes this hairstyle more fabulous. 

29. Sunset Tint for Mushroom Haircut

If you find the sunset scene breathtaking because of its colors, you will love this style. The great blend of yellow, orange, and purple colors looks superb. 

30. Jellyfish Haircut

Mushroom hairstyle with jellyfish style mullet at the back of the head looks unique and fashion-forward. 

31. Black Hair and Round Shape Mushroom Haircut

This sleek straight mushroom haircut with its defined edges looks super classic and elegant that you can go with them on official meetings. 

32. Textured Sharp and Edgy Mushroom Haircut

Fuller mushroom cut with textured top and sharp edges looks magnificent and is a low-maintenance haircut.

33. Retro Shaved Bowl Cut

Retro-shaved bowl cuts enhance the impression of hair thickness. In addition, a bowl cut reaching the eyebrows defines the eyes. 

34. Precision Mushroom Haircut with Extra Flicks⠀

Orange and brown mushroom cut with flicked sideburns and thin hair at the nape looks super stylish. 

35. Semi Mushroom Bob Haircut with Side-Swept Bangs

This short hairstyle with hair at the sides looks like a mushroom haircut, but the side-swept bangs and glossy green hair color make it superbly eye-catching. 

36. Clean and Simple Mushroom Haircut

Clean and simple mushroom cut without blunt edges and shaved head sides look classic and cute. You can go with this hairstyle anywhere.

37. Ghost Haircut for Mushroom Style

This soft and gorgeous mushroom cut is great for women of any face shape and facial features. 

38. Curls on Top with Temple Taper Skin

Silver and black messier hair on top in a mohawk style look excellent. The tapered hair at the temple makes it look bold. 

39. Rectangular Edge for Mushroom Haircut

 A runway-worthy hairstyle is a blunt edge mushroom cut with a rectangle cut at the edge. 

40. Long Hair Mullet for Mushroom Haircut

Orangey-peanut color mushroom cut with mullet hair at the back looks stunning. 

41. Mushroom Haircut with Chopped Black Hair

Super round mushroom cut with choppy bangs and shaved-edged look great on women or people from any country. 

42. Mushroom Haircut with Skin Shaved

The super short and high mushroom cut looks lovely. Defined edges and curtain bangs are the best to make a serious fashion statement. 

43. Mustard Yellow for Mushroom Haircut

Mustard yellow is lustrous, and the color with shaved edges looks bright and dazzling on your hair. It reminds us of J-Hope’s Butter-era yellow hair. 

44. Wavy Mushroom Haircut with Highlights

Mushroom cuts are not always straight and sleek haircuts. Wavy mullet on honey blonde highlights on brown hair is superbly stylish with tapered sides. 

45. Thin Hair with Green Tint

Glossy emerald green hair with dark roots looks trendy. Thin hair transitions into tapered sides and looks elegant. 

46. Mushroom Haircut with Fade

Black hair forward style mushroom cut with fade helps achieve someone a bold look. 

47. Mushroom Haircut with Curtain Fringe

Mushroom cut with the hints of mute color with bright pink color roots looks fabulous. The curtain fringe reaches the cheekbone and frames the face beautifully. 

48. Firm Yellow and Highlights for Mushroom Haircut

This is another hairstyle to help achieve a super dauntless and daring appearance. The angled cut with yellow and green highlights and bright yellow tapered undercut is supremely unique yet eye-catching. 

49. Geometric Bowl Cut with Short Bangs

Geometric bowl cut with tapered sides is hassle-free to style. However, the short bangs will make it unique, so it does not suit every face shape. 

50. Icy Blonde for Mushroom Haircut

The icy blonde super bouncy mushroom cut with thinned hair looks elegant and fashionable. This hairstyle is suitable for any occasion. 

Mushroom Haircut Ideas FAQs

What Is A Mushroom Hairstyle?

In mushroom hairstyles, the hair on the sides and back of the head is tapered, faded, or a very thin scissor cut; the whole top of the head is fuller. Giving fuller hair a specific shape, usually round, makes it plump out and gives the impression of a mushroom.

Can You Do A Mushroom Haircut To Yourself?

Mushroom hairstyle requires angling and the same length cutting as the back of the head. So, we suggest not to give yourself a mushroom because it can end up having a weird haircut that can’t be undone. So go to a professional hairdresser. 

Is Short Hair In Trend, Generally?

Yes, short hair is in trend right now, so you can unhesitantly wear the mushroom hairstyle.

Are Mushroom Hairstyles Only Worn In One Manner?

No, mushroom hairstyle is not all about traditional bowl cuts. However, it has been updated a lot. Let’s scroll to see 50 cool mushroom haircuts for women right now, in this article.


The above-listed 50 cool mushroom haircut for women in 2024 has made you fall for mushroom cuts. Now show your favorite mushroom cut to your stylist and flatter your style like you always wanted. But first, consider your lifestyle too; make sure mushroom cut is suitable for it. Otherwise, you will figure out how to look ideal in meetings. 

Styling a mushroom haircut is hassle-free. First, start styling on clean hair. Apply your favorite products on damp hair, then dry the hair. If there’re curls, scrunch them for a finished look. Otherwise, flat comb the hair.