50 Cutest Crimped Hairstyles to Try in 2024

50 Cute Crimped Hair Ideas for 2022 - a woman wearing a sleeveless dress

Crimped hairstyles have been part of a nostalgic hair trend since the 2000s. This style involves tight and short waves to light and loose crimps. This trend rose up when Tyra Banks and Fergie appeared with crimped hair and got in the world’s eye because of their hairstyle. Women love this hairstyle as it adds … Read more

50 Cool Mushroom Haircut for Women in 2024

50 Cool Mushroom Haircut for Women in 2022 - a woman in a side view

If there is a talk about bowl cuts for women, it will be a mushroom haircut. The mushroom cut is no longer a thing of the past; it has gone modernized in this century. Singers, actors, and influencers raise these mushroom hair trends and give us goals to rock it.  If you ever have hated … Read more

50 Easy Low Maintenance Haircuts in 2024

50 Low Maintenance Haircuts in 2022 - a woman wearing a black turtle neck

We all want to get rid of the stress of styling the perfect hair we face every day and save our time. Low-maintenance haircuts are the top option for that. Low maintenance hairstyles save 40 to 60% of the time spent on styling each day, so that’s why we have brought the best and most … Read more

50 Most Popular Weave Hairstyles in 2024

50 Best Hairstyles with Weave for 2022

Everyone likes to add volume and length to their hair, but doing so naturally can take forever. At this point, weave hairstyles are lifesavers because they are short committed options to add glam to your personality.  Have you ever wondered how celebrities’ hair becomes so short, like pixie to long like waist-length hair? The truth … Read more